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Our Blog: March 30, 2023

Tips for Restoring Our Planet

Earth Day is observed around the world on April 22 and has been an annual tradition since 1970. It serves as a day of action to promote eco-friendly changes and more sustainable habits to support our beloved planet and its natural beauty.

Some advocates use Earth Day as motivation to push for global, national, and local policy changes and to spread awareness of the big impact that small changes can have on our environment.

Get your family involved by being mindful of your own lifestyle. Go ahead and try a few of our eco-friendly tips to teach your children about sustainability while promoting “green” habits.

Reduce your plastic footprint. 

Talk to your children about the impact of plastic pollution on our oceans and animal habitats. How many times a week do you buy plastic water bottles or use plastic bags at the grocery store? Make a commitment to be more aware of these choices and try to cut back where possible using these ideas:

  • Reuse your favorite water bottle
  • Choose reusable bags or paper over plastic
  • Bring your own tote bags to the store or farmers’ market
  • Reuse materials or upcycle craft supplies rather than buying new
  • Switch to glass containers or mason jars for food storage
  • Give new life to gently used items at secondhand stores
  • Recycle outdated electronics
  • Pick up litter found on daily walks or at the park
  • Before recycling notebook paper use both sides
  • Switch to eco-friendly cleaning supplies
  • Pay attention to the packaging of frequently used products

Save on energy.

Conserving energy reduces the demand for fossil fuels and maintains lower levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Your family can help make an impact by taking small steps to create a more eco-friendly household:

  • Turn your computers off at night
  • Keep the water off while brushing your teeth
  • Unplug all items when not in use
  • Ride a bike or walk to your nearest store, coffee shop, or preschool
  • Replace fluorescent bulbs with more efficient LED lighting
  • Try taking shorter showers or shutting the water off while scrubbing dishes
  • Use your grill to prepare dinner a few days a week
  • Instead of using a dryer, try a drying rack or clothesline
  • Replace your air filters every three months

Support your community.

Supporting your hometown can look different depending on your family's passion for environmental issues. Take a step in the right direction with one of our simple suggestions:

  • Support green businesses
  • Donate used or outgrown clothes 
  • Connect with nature daily
  • Plant a tree or garden
  • Volunteer to help support a local cleanup effort

 We hope your family enjoys the worthwhile challenge of implementing new habits and feels good about supporting eco-friendly changes that will make a long-term difference. Let’s make our planet a greener place to live, work, and play—on Earth Day and every day!

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