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Our Blog: November 4, 2022

A Look Inside Teacher In-Service Day, Fall 2022

We’re so thankful for our family partnerships!

Twice a year, we ask our families to make other child care arrangements so we can host a company-wide Teacher In-Service Day. We appreciate the continued support because it allows us to invest in our teachers, hone their professional development, and ensure they’re providing the very best early education experience for the students at our schools.

Teacher In-Service Day is an important aspect of the care we provide. It includes comprehensive training, tools, and instruction for all our teachers. The bi-annual event is designed to further enhance employees’ professional knowledge and capabilities, emphasize safety and security, highlight classroom technology, and share evolving educational strategies.

This year’s fall event allowed team members to learn new skills, understand the importance of cultivating safety habit strength, effectively utilize family communication tools, and grow their career paths.

Here are a few key takeaways from each session:

  • The Power of a Strong Safety Culture: We constantly strive to achieve our safety vision of "No One Gets Hurt." Teachers walked away with a better understanding of why policies and procedures are in place and how to reach habit-forming strength in their classrooms.

  • SproutAbout®—The Power of Family Connections: Family connections can help positively impact the relationships we form with our students. Teachers learned that children feel safer and more secure to freely explore and learn within respectful relationships.

  • Igniting Your Potential, Growing Your Career: Teachers were introduced to the Educator Career Pathway and given the opportunity to think about their career goals and the professional development programs offered by Learning Care Group. As a company, we encourage and hope to cultivate a personal growth mindset in each employee so they invest in their skill development and can provide a more meaningful, effective early education experience.

  • Empowering the School-Age Coach: School-age teachers were introduced to reimagined support tools aimed at assisting them in creating a safe and engaging environment where school-age students feel welcomed and supported.

  • Self-Efficacy: Unleashing the Power of You: Teachers heard from keynote speaker, Kristin Anderson. The educator, researcher, and CEO of The Brilliance Project, shared tools and strategies for building self-efficacy and understanding their personal power to make lasting positive change through education.

Over the next few months, you will see these key takeaways implemented at your school to positively impact the promise we deliver to our families daily.