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Our Blog: July 1, 2022

Picnic Essentials

Picnic Essentials

Eating outside not only changes the scenery from your dinner table but it can also have other health benefits like getting fresh air, bonding with family and friends, letting go of stress, a good dose of vitamin D, and enjoying healthy (and yummy) picnic foods. Keep this picnic packing checklist nearby to help you plan picnics all summer long. 

Picnic Packing Checklist:

  • Basket with ice packs or a cooler bag
  • Blanket – make sure it is washable or waterproof
  • Antibacterial wipes – great for wiping down picnic tables
  • Napkins/paper towels
  • Portable speakers
  • Sunscreen/bug spray
  • Hats/sunglasses
  • Garbage bag
  • Activities – frisbee, soccer ball, card game, bubbles, books, compass, binoculars, etc.
  • Plenty of water to stay hydrated
  • Entrees such as sandwiches or wraps that are easy to eat with your hands
  • Fresh cut veggies with a small container of hummus or dip
  • Easy to eat fruits like watermelon or grapes
  • Utensils and paper plates

Charcuterie or Grazing Platter Ideas:

  • Cheese cubes – cheddar, Swiss, Havarti, gouda, or fresh mozzarella
  • Fresh fruit – blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, cherries, strawberries, apple slices, or grapes
  • Dried fruits – apricots, raisins, or cranberries
  • Vegetables – olives, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts, pickles, or sugar snap peas
  • Meats – cured meats such as salami, pepperoni, and prosciutto, or deli meats like roasted chicken, turkey, or ham
  • Nuts – roasted almonds, cashews, or pistachios
  • Grains – crackers, yogurt covered pretzels, corn nuts, bread, or mini pitas
  • Dipping sauces – mustard, honey, hummus, or tzatziki