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Our Blog: March 7, 2022

SproutAbout: Parents Dig Our New App


SproutAbout® is our innovative solution for making your classroom connection even stronger. Right now, parents and teachers at three of our schools are among the first to explore all the incredible features and functions the app has to offer. And so far, they’re impressed:

"I love having everything in one place."

"I absolutely love this app."

As busy, working parents, we know you don’t want to miss a thing while you’re away. We want you to see every light bulb moment, chat easily with school leadership, and share cute photos and videos (in that proud mama or papa bear kind of way). That’s where SproutAbout comes in!

Our proprietary new family communications app ensures you’ll get each update and stay informed about your child’s early education and care. It was developed for you, by you! This app sprouted from the ground up (see what we did there?) based on honest feedback and guidance from our parents and educators. It’s exclusive to our child care families and it’s getting rave reviews:

"I like being able to send messages straight to school leaders."

"Commenting on specific activities is great!"

"I love that the cameras are integrated now."

As with anything, we want to start slow and make sure everything is perfect before we release SproutAbout to all 1,000+ centers in our Learning Care Group community of schools.

Our rollout plan will expand soon! Watch your email to know when SproutAbout will be available to download for YOUR school and get ready to stay in the know and ready to grow with us!

Click here to read more about SproutAbout and all the exciting upgrades coming your way.