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Our Blog: August 11, 2021

4 Ways We're Prioritizing Health and Safety

Health and safety is always a top priority at our schools. Here’s how we’re keep your little ones – and our entire school community – healthy and safe throughout the year!

  1. Mobile Apps – From live streaming video to our mobile app, our schools provide families with a clear window into their child’s day with us! Families can tune into their child’s classroom at any time throughout the day, and with our mobile app, teachers are able to send families real-time updates including how long they napped, what they ate for lunch, as well as photos.  All technology is safe, encrypted and tightly controlled to ensure the utmost security.
  2. Enhanced Cleaning and Sanitizing – We continue to follow enhanced health and safety practices to ensure our school environment remains as clean as can be! We’re frequently sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces throughout the building, as well as items in our classrooms.
  3. Wellness Checks – Throughout the day, we’re checking in on students and staff to make sure no one is exhibiting any signs of illness. Should a child fall ill while at the center, we will notify parents come to pick them up to help prevent the spread of germs.
  4. Grow Fit – At our schools, we follow the Grow Fit program to promote healthy bodies and minds! With our recently launched “Veggies Early and Often,” campaign, children are consuming more vegetables at meal times and they are encouraged to try new veggies! Additionally, to continue preventing the spread of illness, all meals are served either pre-plated or teacher-plated.