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Our Blog: August 14, 2019

10 Fabulous First Day of School Traditions

GettyImages-897885416Make that first day back to school extra-special for your little ones by starting some fun family traditions! Here are some ideas to help inspire you.

Before School:

  • First Day of School Fairy – Like the Tooth Fairy, but instead of kids waking up to a prize for losing their tooth, they wake up to colorful erasers, markers, etc. to help them get pumped up for their first day!
  • Read a Special Book – There are many books available that are geared toward each program/grade of school. Each year, buy your kiddos a book for the grade they will be entering, and read it together the night before their first day.
  • School Year’s Eve – Throw a “School Year’s Eve” party with school-themed treats, games, and movies!
  • Write an Extra-Special Note in their Lunchbox – You can get a free printable template here!
  • Host a Fashion Show at Home – Let your kiddos strut down the “catwalk” as they show off all of their different first day of school outfit options!
  • School Supply Scavenger Hunt – Give kids their backpack and several clues to help them find all of their school supplies hidden around your house. As they find their supplies, they can toss them in their backpack!


After School:

  • Dinnertime Show and Tell – Have your kids pick one item from their first day of school (whether it be a drawing, a gift from the teacher, etc.) and let them present it at a special dinnertime “show and tell.”
  • Head Out for Some Fun After School – This is especially ideal for kids whose first day is a half day. After school, make it a yearly ritual to plan a special outing, such as playing at the park or seeing a movie.
  • Sidewalk Chalk Message – Let out your inner artist and draw a colorful message on your driveway or sidewalk to welcome your little ones home from school! They’ll look forward to seeing a new message each year.
  • Make a Time Capsule – After their first day, have your kids create a special “first day” time capsule. They can fill it with pictures and memories from their first day. On their last day of school, they can open it up and look back on day one!