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Our Blog: May 2, 2016

Summertime Safety and Fun

Summer is just around the corner. This is a great time to have fun, spend some down time and enjoy the outdoors with your child. Here are some summertime safety tips as well as fun ideas to try with your child:

Water Safety

  • Take your children on a bathroom break before they get into the water.
  • Change swim diapers often and do it away from the water.
  • Make sure your child wears a flotation device that is labeled “U.S. Coast Guard approved.”
  • Teach older children (ages six and older) to use the “buddy system” when swimming with friends.

Sun Safety

  • Keep children under 6 months old out of the sun.
  • Apply a thick layer of SPF 15 or higher to every area of your child’s body including shoulders, nose, thighs, ears, etc.
  • Apply sun block 30 minutes before your child is exposed to the sun. Reapply sun block every few hours.
  • Remember a hat, loose clothing and sunglasses for your child as well.

Insect Bite Safety

  • Use a product that is approved for children.
  • Follow the instructions and age restrictions on the container.
  • Wash off the insect repellent when you return indoors.
  • Cover your child’s skin with a long sleeve shirt, long pants, socks, hat, etc.
  • Avoid using any scented soaps and lotions on your child – they may attract insects.

Fun Summer Activity Ideas for You and Your Child:

  • Share some family photos with your child. Invite them to write a note to a family member.
  • Take your child to get a library card. Create a personalized bookmark and pick out a summertime reading list of books together.
  • Cut pieces of various textured paper into squares and paste them in a quilt pattern with your child.
  • Prepare a meal with your child.
  • Sit outside under a tree. Have your child tell you a favorite story. Retell them the story as you heard it. Take turns doing this.
  • Cut the ends off the fingers of old gloves. Draw faces on the fingers with felt tip markers, and glue on yarn for hair. You now have finger puppets. Make up a fun story.
  • Create a fun game with your child. Have a scavenger or treasure hunt, design a board game or make up a play or skit.
  • Find community service activities that can include you and your child.
  • Plant some seeds. Weed and water your garden. Look for cool bugs.
  • Play some music and dance together.