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Our Blog: October 27, 2014

Free Printable Children’s Halloween Masks

Is your family ready for all the Halloween festivities? We sure are! As a fun, Halloween-themed art activity (and in case your little ones still haven’t said “yes” to a costume), we’ve provided six free Halloween mask templates that you can print off for your kiddos to decorate. See directions below.


Items Needed:

Art supplies such as markers, crayons, feathers, stickers, etc.

Two pieces of yarn




1. Click on the image of the mask(s) you’d like to download. A PDF of the mask(s) will open in another window. Print them out.

2. Have kiddos decorate the masks however they like. Your child wants to be a blue cat with purple ears? Excellent.

3. Cut out the mask. Hold it up to your child’s face and punch a hole on each side so when you tie the string onto the hole, it will rest comfortably on their ears. Trim the mask as needed to fit their face.

4. Gather two pieces of yarn. Tie one through each hole on the mask.

5. Place the completed mask on your child’s face and bring the two strings around to the back of their head. Tie them in a bow and trim excess string.

6. Admire your stunning blue cat with purple ears.


Happy Halloween!


Free Children's Halloween Mask - Cat

Free Kid's Halloween Cat Mask

Free Children's Halloween Mask

Free Kid's Halloween Mask - Fox Mask

Free Kid's Frankenstein Halloween Mask

Free Children's Halloween Skull Mask