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Our Blog: April 8, 2024

Explore Our Learning Environment

As providers of early learning and care, we are committed to ensuring each child has the best experience in our classrooms. We aim to support children through each stage of their individual growth and development. Doing so takes a lot of intentional effort and mindful action!

Our series to highlight each of our Education Quality Indicators (EQIs) continues this month with a focus on the Learning Environment we’re creating for students and families.

As a reminder, our five EQIs include:

  • Purposeful Routines
  • Child/Adult Interactions
  • Learning Environment
  • Evidence of Learning
  • Language Rich

Learning Environment

We want to nurture children as they learn to navigate the natural challenges that come with building academic, language, and social skills. To create a welcoming space that encourages exploration and invites learning, it’s important to ensure children and their families feel:

Safe | Comfortable | Valued

A thoughtfully designed learning environment includes the classroom layout, furniture, and equipment, as well as the curated materials we interact with to teach, learn, and explore. Discovery happens on the playground too, so outdoor areas are also part of the experience.

Young children learn best when they embrace the wonder of new things. If you take a careful look around your child’s classroom, you’ll notice these things:

  • Developmentally appropriate spaces to support active learning
  • Places for children to play independently with peers
  • Community-focused exhibits featuring the children and their families
  • Displays to show evidence of learning in action and the learning process
  • Organized areas to support discovery, creativity, and endless possibilities

We give children the freedom to follow natural interests, express their ideas, and construct meaningful experiences. Children deserve a learning environment that generates feelings of well-being, familiarity, and a sense of belonging.

The Benefits

More than just a place to play, an early childhood learning environment is seen as the third teacher, with the power to provoke curiosity and encourage interaction. The materials and the culture of the environment are intertwined to promote collaboration, independence, and self-confidence.

Children learn best from actively engaging with their environment. Along with the physical space, it is important to create a sense of community by investing in meaningful relationships. You can help showcase the benefits of an interactive learning environment by:

  • Exploring classroom displays to see evidence of learning taking place
  • Engaging in conversations to promote your child’s sense of pride tied to learning
  • Supporting your child’s natural curiosity by asking open-ended questions

Our teachers will continue to act as facilitators of learning by partnering with your little ones as they play, explore, and discover the joy of expanding their world.