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Our Blog: March 8, 2024

Together We Achieve More

Our company-wide Teacher In-Service Day (TISD) is an important aspect of the care we provide, offering comprehensive training, tools, and instruction for all teachers and staff. It is designed to further enhance their professional knowledge and capabilities emphasizing safety and security, educational strategies, and welcoming environments.

Investing in our teachers would be impossible without our families. So, thank you! We appreciate your continued partnership as we support the professional development of our school teams.

This year's Winter TISD allowed teachers and staff to focus on behaviors that will increase the quality of language-rich practices in classrooms, build warm relationships with families and peers, reduce the risk of physical hazards and personal injuries, and create psychologically safe environments for children. Here are the key highlights and efforts you might notice:

The Power of Welcoming All

Teachers and staff were reminded about the importance of creating a welcoming environment and how to continue making it a priority. This is done through genuine interactions with children, families, and peers, including kind gestures, friendly communication, and supportive actions.

The Power of Language-Rich Classrooms

Teachers learned how to create a Language Rich experience in the classroom by:

  • Supporting the development of children’s thinking and communicating
  • Focusing on the development of children’s oral language skills
  • Implementing a print-rich classroom environment

The Power of We: Our Safety Culture & You

Teachers and staff focused on reducing the risk of common physical hazards and personal injuries through stretching, using the proper lifting technique, and maintaining an easily accessible, organized learning environment. To maintain safe spaces, employees always:

  • Speak up if something appears unsafe
  • Role model and demonstrate safe behaviors
  • Coach others on safe behaviors
  • Recognize others for demonstrating safe behaviors

The Power of Wonder in Everyone 

Teachers create a psychologically safe environment for children by:

  • Using purposeful routines to help children feel comfortable during transitions, activities, and care routines
  • Listening deeply when interacting with children
  • Always staying curious and encouraging children to wonder and ask questions
  • Role-modeling loving and caring ways to resolve conflict

Certified Master Teacher Class 

Master Teachers play an important role in elevating teaching practices in the schools by:

  • Focusing on primary responsibilities including role modeling, coaching, and mentoring
  • Developing relationships with teachers to support them in becoming the best they can be

Over the next few months, you will see these behaviors and intentions displayed at your child's school to positively impact the promise we deliver to you and your family daily.