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Our Blog: January 5, 2024

New Year, New Routines

Happy new year, everyone! We hope 2024 brings you and your family lots of health and happiness. As you consider resolutions to work toward, we’d like to encourage you to implement a new, purposeful routine in your home. Even one intentional change will have lasting impact! 

Create a Stress-Free Morning Routine 

Getting everyone up, ready, and out the door can be a challenging experience. Building a positive routine structured around your schedule will help to foster independence and create a sense of security for your child. It will also make things easier for you!  

  • Use a visual schedule.  
    Children benefit from seeing the steps in their routines. This allows them to understand what their current tasks are while being able to anticipate what comes next. You could even create the schedule together and take real pictures of them completing each task! 
  • Prepare the night before.  
    Encourage your child to choose their outfit, including shoes, the night before. This allows them to feel a sense of responsibility and foster independence, while making the morning feel easier. 
  • Assign a job.  
    As you are preparing breakfast, encourage your child to manage the same job each morning. Have them grab their plate, silverware, and cup to set their place at the table. It’s important for children to take ownership and responsibility in their home environment to create a secure sense of belonging. 
  • Include a fun experience.  
    Routines can also include fun ways to bond with your child. A big bear hug, a silly handshake, or a fun song are great additions to a morning routine to provide an opportunity for you and your child to share a special moment during daily tasks. 

Consistency is key! Continue to implement the routine each morning to allow children to anticipate what to expect each day. This will build good family rhythms, create a sense of security, and support the physical and emotional development of children.