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Our Blog: December 6, 2023

Slowing Down During the Holidays

The holiday season brings a lot of great opportunities for extra family time, fun outings, and excitement. It can also mean changes in your usual routine, which can sometimes be stressful for young children.

Make sure you build in time to rest and recharge. It’s a priority to help young children to feel balanced, but the adjustment will benefit older kids and adults too. (Yes, that means you!)

Take time to slow down and enjoy spending time with one another by engaging in simple, family-friendly activities. Try some of the following ideas.

Cook a classic family recipe together.

Talk about where the recipe comes from and any memories you might have of making the recipe. Meaningful interactions with your child stem from communication and listening. As you share stories, invite them to share what makes this new experience meaningful to them. This connection helps to build a strong sense of security in children, which allows them to feel safe with future curiosities and questions. Asking is the best way to learn! You can make a new recipe together too.

Spend time outside.

Whether you have snow or sun, fresh air and being in nature provide open-ended exploration experiences for your child to challenge their sense of wonder. Pick a local place to share an adventure and unplug for a few hours to take it all in together.

Enjoy old and new traditions.

Annual holidays are the perfect time to embrace familiar traditions and activities rooted in spending time with loved ones. It’s also a great time to try something new! Talk to your children about their favorite seasonal experiences and give them a chance to suggest fresh ideas.

Engage in an open-ended art experience.

Encourage your child to experiment with a new technique such as watercolor paints or clay. Providing opportunities for open-ended creative experiences allows children to be curious, ask questions, and problem-solve. These are all skills that are critical in school (and in life).

Read a book together.

Reading books with your child is one of the best activities for their development. Not only does reading build upon your child’s language development through exposure to new vocabulary, letter sounds, and alphabetic knowledge, it’s also an excellent bonding opportunity. Try these stories or choose a book that represents your family or your holiday traditions.

What types of activities would you add to the list?