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Our Blog: August 8, 2022

Preparing for a New School Year

MicrosoftTeams-image (2)Believe it or not, we are officially in the back-to-school season already! Schools and teachers are busy planning for the official start of the school year and parents are likely ready to welcome the routine that school days bring.

New Classroom Transitions
As the new season of learning begins, children will probably be making a classroom move due to age or skill level. This can be a little overwhelming for both you and your child. Thinking ahead and being prepared for the change can help make the move a little easier. Keep these things in mind:

  • Introduce yourself to the new teachers.
  • Share any questions you or your child might have. For example, what might be the same or what might be different about classroom expectations?
  • Ask teachers or school leaders for ways to help prepare your child for the change.
  • Ask about their approach to helping each child transition successfully.
  • Help generate excitement with your child about all the new, fun things they’ll be doing.
  • Find out about activities planned for the first week to help build anticipation at home.
  • Talk to teachers about how the first day went!

Reducing Separation Anxiety
Change often reveals some natural anxiety tied to the unexpected. Each child handles this differently, but we want to reassure you—it’s perfectly normal! Typically, separation anxiety only lasts a few weeks and is often harder on the parents than the child.

While it’s hard to walk away from your child when they’re upset, please don’t worry. After a few minutes of comfort from a teacher, children usually move on to playing and having fun. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Do not sneak out. Say goodbye and let them know you will be back later to get them.
  • Don’t make it a long goodbye, this will only make it harder.
  • Be consistent. Create a goodbye routine that you follow every day.
  • Send a special item in from home, such as a stuffed animal or something to remind them of you.
  • Call the school at any time throughout the day to check on how they’re doing!

Remember, your school leaders and teachers are there to help you through the process. Be sure to talk with them about any questions you might have or additional guidance they can provide.