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Our Blog: July 1, 2022

Creating Art with Natural Materials

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Calling all natural artists!
Art is everywhere. You just have to see the potential and let your imagination lead the way.

We’re welcoming the summer season with a couple of fun activities that take us on an organic journey outside. We hope children will be inspired to embrace their inner artists to collect, create, and celebrate the magic of nature. There’s nothing better than being outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Present each activity as an opportunity to do just that while exploring and seeing everyday things—differently.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Take a nature walk in your neighborhood, at the local park, or on a nearby trail. Bring a bucket or an upcycled bag to collect a small array of interesting materials.

Your mission is to look for items that bring you joy, spark a thought, or just simply look neat. Look closely at everything you encounter. Take notice of the cool patterns on leaves or in flowers. Gather stones that glimmer, bright berries, or clovers for good luck. Collect stones, twigs, wood pieces, acorns, pinecones, and even blades of grass or clusters of pine needles. What else can you find?

Search for items that have different colors or use the rainbow as your guide. Check out this video of our nature walk for additional inspiration.

Create a Nature Mandala

Pick a spot in the shade and take inventory of your new collection. Start arranging them in patterns to create a natural piece of art. It’s a simple way to appreciate each item for its innate beauty.

Can you create a repeating pattern? Try a circular arrangement, such as a mandala. These temporary “pictures” allow us to be present, mindful, and creative without complicated materials or instructions.

Clear the items when you’re done. Can you make something new using the same materials? 

Try Stone Stacking

Did you collect enough stones to give this a try? If not, wander around a bit more and look for flat or smooth stones of all shapes and sizes. You can even try to make it more challenging by grabbing any type of rock, it doesn’t have to be flat.

Choose a clear area and begin stacking your collection. Careful! If you move too quickly, they might topple over. How many can you balance before it becomes less stable? If they fall, don’t worry. Talk about ways to make your stack more secure and try again.

Patience is key here. It’s a natural, low-risk game of trial and error.

Share Your Creations

Snap a few photos and share your creations online. Be sure to tag your school so we can see what you’ve made!