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Our Blog: December 3, 2021

Instead of (More) Toys, Try These Gift Ideas for Kids

It’s that time of year again, when we clear out the old, outdated, broken, and forgotten to make room for the new. We’re talking about toys—yes, all. of. the. toys. While so many of them can be wonderful in sparking creativity, growing imaginations, and keeping children entertained for hours, the clutter of too many can be overwhelming for them and us (the adults)!

We want to help you expand their minds with a wish list, for all seasons, that contains non-toy ideas that still lead to big adventures, cozy moments, and playful afternoons. See what inspires YOU:

  1. Camping gear (Ex: a tent, sleeping bag, or lantern.)
  2. A watch
  3. A wallet or piggy bank
  4. A fun bath towel or colorful robe
  5. Pajamas
  6. Slippers
  7. Suitcase or travel kit
  8. A colorful umbrella
  9. Sports equipment (Ex: a new basketball, roller blades, or a baseball cap.)
  10. An apron and a kid’s cookbook
  11. A calendar
  12. Books and a fun book light
  13. Monthly subscription boxes (Ex: KiwiCo, Little Passports, Literati Kids, etc.)
  14. A bug or butterfly growing kit
  15. Arts & craft supplies
  16. Coloring books
  17. A telescope and a book about constellations
  18. An aquarium
  19. A terrarium
  20. Puzzles
  21. Board games
  22. Memberships (Ex: zoo, aquarium, museum, or theatre.)
  23. Tickets to an event (Ex: sports, concert, or play.)
  24. Classes (Ex: cooking, art, dance, music, athletics, etc.)
  25. A gift card to their favorite restaurant
  26. Magazine subscription (Ex: Highlights, National Geographic Kids, etc.)
  27. A small camera or photo album
  28. Gardening tools
  29. Mini golf or amusement park passes
  30. Kid’s kitchen tools
  31. Temporary tattoos (just for fun!)
  32. Nail polish or lip gloss
  33. A musical instrument (Ex: harmonica, ukulele or a guitar.)
  34. Room décor
  35. Movie tickets
  36. Hair accessories
  37. Bedside lamp or night lights
  38. Musical instruments
  39. Rain or winter boots
  40. Jewelry or jewelry box
  41. Lunchbox
  42. Bedding
  43. Fun socks
  44. Bean bag chair or kid’s couch
  45. Tricycle or balance bike

So many great ideas, right? We hope this list helps you think outside-the-box when helping your child make their seasonal wish-lists, or any time of year. Experience gifts go a long way and you can never have too many memories.

As a gentle reminder, while organizing your playrooms, please consider donating gently used toys, books, and other items to local organizations who help families in need.