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Our Blog: November 3, 2021

Teacher Training: Together Toward Tomorrow

On October 11, 2021, we asked our amazing families to help support the continuing education of our dedicated teachers. These annual Professional Development Days provide a special opportunity for our educators to become students for a day. We used the time to learn exciting new ways to inspire and educate your children and to prioritize family engagement!

The valuable training opportunity explored several important topics, including: 

Lesson Planning and Assessments

Our teachers learned how to use the new Developmental Indicator Guide. This resource gives them tips on how to better observe children for specific skills, enhances their understanding of each child’s skill development, and offers strategies for sharing learning updates with families.

Engaging Families Through Daily Communication

Teachers learned how to build even stronger relationships with our families. By prioritizing daily communication and appreciating the value it brings, educators aim to elevate the connection between home and school by using this important resource.

Story Time

Teachers learned how to support language development in new ways, while building trusting bonds when reading aloud to the children.

Positive Behavior Support

Teachers learned how to address age-appropriate behaviors through a proactive approach. With our resources, educators essentially act as Positive Behavior Coaches to help turn challenging behaviors into learning opportunities.

Our teachers always walk away from this comprehensive training feeling inspired to further enhance every child’s classroom experience. We look forward to sharing new knowledge with our students—as well as enhancing efforts to communicate every moment of the journey with families.