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Our Blog: August 31, 2021

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Established in 1994, National Public Lands Day (NPLD) is the nation’s largest, single day volunteer effort. The goal is to celebrate the connection between people and the green spaces in their communities. Each year, it inspires thousands of volunteers to help restore and improve public lands around the country. This year, NPLD falls on September 25. It’s also a “Fee-Free Day” meaning entrance fees are waived at national parks and other public lands. So, round up the family and get outside!

Our public lands and parks offer a unique opportunity to discover the joy of nature, no matter what season it is. Even if you don’t live near a national park, we encourage you to connect with nature at any park, trail, or outdoor space in your community. You can hike, camp, explore, or even enjoy a picnic with family or friends. It’s also important to keep these open spaces pristine for generations to come. Here are a few ways you can remain mindful of that mission:

  • Visit a national park for free.
  • Join a volunteer work project or contact your local national park to ask about opportunities to volunteer or support sustainability.
  • Attend a NPLD virtual event such as ranger talks, virtual hikes and dives, or online citizen science projects.
  • Minimize your trash. Reduce the amount of waste you bring into parks by using reusable containers that you can bring home after your visit.
  • If you do have trash, make a commitment to use garbage cans located throughout the parks. Don’t allow children (or anyone else) to carelessly leave trash behind.

Above all else, honor the parks by visiting! Fresh air is a wonderful thing. Have fun, enjoy being outdoors, and document your journey. Use the hashtags #NPLD or #PublicLandsDay to share your adventures on social media. Visit to learn more.