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Our Blog: November 29, 2016

Meet Our La Petite Academy Staff – Ms. Kelley, Academy Director

img_1319Meet Kelly Riggs, Academy Director at our center in Chandler, AZ. She has a degree in child development from the University of Minnesota and has worked in early childhood education for 10 years. Read our Q&A with Kelley to learn more about this essential member of our La Petite family!


What do you enjoy about being the director?

I like getting to know the families and building that relationship with them. And I like really being a part of the children’s lives here, and not just those in one classroom.

How do you ensure strong communication between you and your center’s families?

Besides our open door policy, they have my email address. PreciouStatus has also been tremendous in that not only do parents feel connected to me, but they feel connected to the teachers. They are able to send pictures, mass newsletters, or reminders. It’s been key.

What does your typical day look like?

When I come in, it’s just getting the teachers all set up for their day. Greeting families, seeing how their nights were, and then getting the teachers what they need to start their day. If we have anything going on that day, I’m getting prepared for that. My School Education Manager will usually get in at around 9:30 and then she kind of takes over that role, making sure the teachers are set up. And then, just whatever the day brings. I think I learned halfway through my career that you can only plan so much.

Professional Development Day is just one way we promote growth and development for our teachers – can you explain how this training day works?

Each year we pick a topic that’s important for each age group and the different directors will train those teachers on whatever’s new with the curriculum. There’s only so much you can do from day to day, but when you have a whole day devoted to that, you can really find out what their concerns or questions are. It’s invaluable.

If students could describe you in just two words, what do you think they would choose?

Hopefully it would be fun and loving!

What have you loved about working at La Petite for the last ten years?

I just really believe in what La Petite and the Learning Care Group is doing. With them, they’re doing what’s in the best interest of the children. It’s always evolving, whether it’s with their curriculum or with the new technology. They’re investing back into he schools. Right now I think I have a beautiful school, but they’re putting more money into it, getting the playground redone. I’ve made really good connections with my bosses and I’ve always felt very supported by them.