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Our Blog: December 17, 2015

Meet Our La Petite Staff – Ms. Sharon, Lead Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

DSC06996Meet Ms. Sharon, the Lead Pre-Kindergarten Teacher at our Oswego, IL location. She has worked at La Petite Academy for 16 years, holding nearly every position during her tenure including Director, Assistant Director, Preschool Teacher and now, Pre-K Lead Teacher. Check out our Q&A with Sharon to learn about her dedication to early childhood education and why she believes in the early learning experiences we provide at La Petite.


Can you talk about your experience before joining our team?

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education and I did teach junior high for a short period of time when I first got out of school. I really got into child care when my daughter turned four. I was able to become a teacher at her school because she was going into their private kindergarten program. I always enjoyed being in the classroom with her after work and doing the activities with the kids. It just evolved from there.

How is working in early childhood education rewarding for you?

Oh my goodness! It becomes rewarding when you see the lights go on in their eyes when they finally master something. I don’t know that everybody understands that, but you can tell and they can tell. And I enjoy their laughter and their hugs. It warms my heart.

Why is educational child care so important in today’s day and age?

Part of it comes from the family dynamics that have changed over the years. When I was a kid, moms were home or they worked in the afternoons. Now, with the way the economy is, parents need to have a safe environment for their child because they need to work. And then, since we have them in our care, we can help with the education.

How is your relationship with the families at your center?

I have a good relationship with my families. I have had complete families go through my room. I have had three and four children from the same family come through my classroom, and parents say “we’re so glad you’re still here.”

What has been your favorite accomplishment since you’ve been at La Petite Academy?

I was blown away last year when my peers voted me teacher of the year. They blew me away! It was quite a surprise and honor. I had no idea! I really and truly was floored.

Overall, what have you enjoyed most about the past 16 years at La Petite Academy?

I’ve just enjoyed my school and my parents. When you start with the oldest and you got to the middle and then the youngest…I mean, I’ve had some tearful graduations! And I still feel like we have one of the best curriculums available. I believe in what we do.