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Our Blog: November 16, 2015

Ensuring Every Child Is Ready For School

At our school, we have made a firm commitment to preparing each and every child for elementary school.

That’s why our Preschool and Pre-K programs and curriculum are supported by Learning Care System (LCS), our digital lesson planning tool. LCS enables teachers to generate customized curriculum, based on assessment and observation, to meet the developmental needs of each child.

With LCS, we’re able to track each child’s specific growth and regularly assess each child’s development, with a focus on 88 critical school-readiness capabilities in 10 key areas or developmental domains:

·         Language

·         Literacy

·         Logic & Reasoning

·         Approaches to Learning

·         Creative Arts Expression

·         Early Math

·         Nature & Science

·         Physical Development & Health

·         Social & Emotional Development

·         Social Studies

The information gathered by LCS from student observation and assessment is then linked to lesson planning, enabling our teachers to create customized curriculum to meet each child’s developmental needs. That means at our schools, unlike with some other early education providers, no two lesson plans are the same. Because no two children are the same.

So what does this mean for your child’s future? A great deal, actually. Through LCS, we collected data on 3,073 4-year-olds across 310 schools and then partnered with Assessment Technology, Inc. (ATI)—a leading provider of valid and reliable assessment, curriculum, and reporting services, with more than 500 clients nationwide—to analyze the results.

What we found was that between fall 2014 and spring 2015, there was significant growth—from 14 to 66 percent—in the number of 4-year-olds in our program who were at an advanced level for mastering critical school readiness skills. That’s a 370% increase in school readiness.

We know it’s important to you that your child is highly prepared for elementary school success. It’s important to us, too. And with LCS, we’re setting them on the path to achieve that success.