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Our Blog: August 20, 2014

10 Teacher Gift Ideas

Let your kiddos get their creative juices flowing by having them make their teacher a thoughtful gift for the first day of school. After all, those teachers will be in charge of a classroom full of energetic children for the next ten months. Now there’s no need to go out and buy a full spa day for them (though, they’d probably love that). A simple gift, like one of the 10 suggestions below, will show them just how excited you and your kiddo are for school.

1.)   Spa Bucket/Jar – Give your teacher all the essentials for a mini spa day at home! Put lotion, a candle and any other relaxing items in a bucket or large jar and have your little one decorate it to add some personality. Here are some ideas of what to include: 

2.)   Reusable Water Bottle – Personalize a reusable water bottle with the teacher’s name and fill it with markers, highlighters, pens and other supplies that he or she will need throughout the year. Here’s an example: 

3.)   Personalized Hand Sanitizer – Kids get sick. A lot. Hand sanitizer is a hot commodity in schools, so give your teacher a fun, personalized bottle that she can use every time she hears a cough: 

4.)   Back to School Survival Kit – We’re not talking gauze and hydrogen peroxide here. We mean a teacher survival kit. Fill it with erasers, red pens, tissues, chocolate – anything a teacher might need for a quick pick-me-up!

5.)   Caffeine! – Give your child’s teacher a large mug filled with coffee, tea, non-perishable creamer, and anything else that can help him or her stay caffeinated throughout the day. (Bonus – you can also buy instant coffee/tea, which will make things even easier if they need an emergency energy boost): 

6.)   Decorate a Jar – Whether it’s a large one with a lid or a small mason jar, teachers can always use some extra storage! Put the teacher’s name on it, as well as stickers, feathers, paint…whatever it may be!

7.)   Button Bookmarks: Whether it’s for their lesson planner or a novel they are attempting to finish during their rare moments of free time, a simple bookmark will always have a place to hold for teachers:

8.)   Dry-erase “Bouquet”: If your child’s classroom has a whiteboard, the teacher will most likely go through dry-erase markers by the minute. Make this simple dry-erase “bouquet” to add some flair to this much needed gift:

9.)   Paperweight: Papers tend to accumulate on teachers’ desks, so give them a unique paperweight to make sure they stay in place! 

10.)  Cute Clipboard: Let your kiddos decorate a clipboard with paint, stickers, or if they are a bit older, they can decoupage it by gluing on colorful papers (be sure to use glue specifically for decoupage!). This example is from the holiday season, but with the right paper, this can be a perfect back to school gift: