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Our Blog: March 20, 2013

How Early Education Builds a Better Future for Your Child

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More and more research is being conducted every day that gives us a clearer picture of how young children learn. Research has proven what common sense tells us: children grow and thrive in the context of close and dependable relationships. When you entrust your child to the care of our early childhood professionals, you not only want your child to be safe and to learn, you also want your child to be accepted and valued, and to feel that in the school community. This is why our teachers intentionally build relationships with your children that provide love and nurturance, security, responsive interactions, and encouragement for exploration.

Appreciate Your Child’s Educators

There is no better time than the month of April to recognize and celebrate the professionals who care for young children. In the world of early childhood, April is known as the “Month of the Young Child”, during which we will celebrate your children and the gifts they are to the future of our world. We also invite you to take a moment this month to say “thank you” to your child’s teachers and your center staff for all of their hard work. They each do their very best to provide a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for your children.

How To Be a Part of Your Community

One of the best ways to build better futures for all children is to get to know the staff, families and children in your child’s daily life today. There are lots of ways to be a part of the community and be involved in the life of your child’s school. Try some of these ideas:

  • Chaperone a class field trip
  • Share a special interest or talent, like singing or gardening with your child’s class (or the whole center community)
  • Teach children a skill you have, like sewing or playing an instrument
  • Help out in your child’s class for an hour or two whenever you can. You could read with children, play games with them, or help them with special projects
  • Donate objects from home to your child’s classroom
  • Offer to share your occupation and the tools of the trade with your child’s class. Even though you may think that your job is not very interesting, children will be fascinated.  Whether you are a secretary, a doctor, a postal worker, or a mechanic, children will be very interested in what you do and in the tools and equipment you use to do your job.

When children feel safe, secure and feel a sense of belonging, we know they thrive and grow. Become a part of your children’s school community and let’s make April the month for building better futures for all children.

Honor Your Military Families and Friends

April is also the Month of the Military Child!  This is a special time to recognize and applaud our nation’s military children for their strength, character and courage and for the sacrifices they make daily.  There are 1.7 million American children and youth under 18 with a parent serving in the military, and about 900,000 with one or both parents deployed multiple times.  We can all help celebrate this month by recognizing those in our own communities – reaching out to a new military family in our neighborhood or by connecting with one of the organizations dedicated to supporting America’s service members and their families, such as Operation Military Kids.  As a thank-you to our troops, Learning Care Group offers all active military members a 10% discount on tuition.  Please visit for additional information.

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