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Our Blog: January 14, 2013

Relationship Building Valentine’s Day Activities

Relationship Building Valentine’s Day Activities

This Valentine’s Day, create the opportunity to build and strengthen relationships between your child and loved ones. Have an aunt, uncle, grandparent or older sibling make one of these great Valentine’s Day crafts with him. Calendars can get hectic and we often get caught up in our everyday routines. Quality time is something that needs to be consciously added to our schedules too. These priceless bonding experiences will make memories to last a lifetime.

Here’s a roundup of some great Valentine’s Day activity suggestions from Kaboose and Parenting.

Make your own valentines. One way to help your child’s personality shine through is by providing him with materials to design homemade valentines. Get out the paper, markers and paint – and let him put his own stamp on these thumbprint heart cards.

Create special gifts — such as a handprint poem to give to friends and other family members. Keepsakes like these are sure to be unforgettable.

Decorate with flair. Emblazon your home with sweet artwork like this paper love bug or heart wreath – they’re great any time of year.

Keep it red, pink (and green!). Save your broken crayon pieces to recycle by melting them down into a heart shape. The heart crayons make a great gift to give with handmade valentines instead of candy.

Finger painting fun. Make a love blossom tree with the imprint of your child’s forearm and hand to make the tree trunk and branches. Then her tiny thumbprints make heart-shaped leaves on the tree. Bring it out year after year as a reminder of how much your little one has grown.

Love-ly, edible and heart-y. Start the day with a breakfast that is full of love with easy, heart-shaped French toast. Or have fun making and eating these heart-shaped grilled cheese sandwiches. Serve with tomato soup and you have a special holiday meal.

Remember, finding moments to spend quality time with your little ones is something to be cherished.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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