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Our Blog: August 12, 2020

3 Awesome Benefits of The Prep Lab Program

Prep Lab

We recognize the many ways that we’ve had to change our lifestyles due to COVID-19 – including changes to schooling. That’s why we created The Prep Lab program, to help ensure kiddos are prepared for their next grade level, as well as to help them have success in the coming school year, whether they are in school or distance learning. With this new program, school-agers can make the most of their year! Here are just a few benefits of The Prep Lab:

  1. Supports School District’s Plans – No matter your district’s plans for the upcoming year, we will be equipped to support your child’s needs! Whether it’s distance learning support or homework help at the end of the day, our staff is trained to provide assistance where it is needed.
  2. Flexible Scheduling – We understand that each school district has their own unique plans for upcoming year, and that families have new child care needs in these uncertain times. From full-day care to part-time options, our schools are offering new programming to accommodate our families’ schedules. Check with your specific school to learn more about their availability and scheduling options!
  3. Safety First – We continue to follow strict health and safety guidelines, including those set by the CDC. All staff members are wearing a cloth face covering throughout the day, and we continue to conduct health and temperature checks upon arrival. You can learn more about our enhanced health and safety measures here.