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Our Blog: September 19, 2017

Meet Our La Petite Academy Staff – Ms. Kathy, Pre-K Teacher

kathyMeet Ms. Kathy, pre-kindergarten teacher at our La Petite Academy school in Lakewood, CO. She’s been at this location for two years but has nearly 50 years of experience in early childhood education! Read on to learn more about this incredible member of our La Petite family!

Why do you feel early education programs are important for kiddos?

It’s like the foundation of a building. Without that foundation, the building’s going to fall. I think preschool gives children that foundation to build upon.  It’s hard when you leave early education out, for a person to build on something that they don’t even know. A lot of people think we’re just babysitters and I take offense to that because we’re not babysitting! We are building something here!

How is this career path rewarding to you?

I just love working with kids. They inspire me. They help me grow; it’s not just me helping them grow. And just knowing that they learn something you taught them.

Other than your students, what do you love so much about working here at La Petite?

The staff! We work as a team. We jump in and help where we need it.  This place is a team.

What’s your typical day look like?

It’s very busy! I keep it moving. I keep them busy. We just got through things like circle time, we go through our daily job schedule, we talk about the weekends. We go through our basic lessons like writing. It’s a busy day. The only time I sit down is during circle time!

Can you share your favorite accomplishment since you’ve been at La Petite?

One of the teachers here was District Teacher last year, and I thought, “I want to strive for that!” And I became this year’s District Teacher! Prior to coming here, I was at a different daycare center for 15 years, and they don’t recognize you as much there. I came to La Petite and they recognize you and appreciate you more. I should have been here a long time ago! I’ve never seen a company back teachers the way we do.