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Junior Kindergarten Program

The Path for Young 5-Year-Olds

Children become familiar with the format and structure of a kindergarten school day, while developing critical skills to succeed in elementary school. Nationally recognized, award-winning early childhood curricula are featured, with kindergarten-level instruction in reading, writing, and math.

This classroom provides young 5-year-olds and older 4-year-olds with a strong focus on:

  • Following multi-step instructions
  • Finding multiple ways to solve problems
  • Organizing work
  • Controlling impulses and sustaining attention

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Curriculum & Developmental Benchmarks

In Junior kindergarten, learning experiences explore science, social studies, the arts, literacy, and math. Children enhance their skills with the help of award-winning, nationally recognized, research-based curricula, such as:

Literacy by Design: Featuring whole class interaction, differentiated small-group reading instruction, and independent learning activities, this consistent instructional path ensures seamless reciprocity between reading and writing. This curriculum is fully correlated to state standards and provides tools to inspire students through the art of active literacy.

My Math: In this program, children gain confidence in their math skills, as they grow in conceptual understanding, procedural skill, and math fluency. Research-based strategies, and a focus on real-world applications, challenge and inspire children’s learning.

Handwriting Without Tears®: This unique program—developed by occupational therapists—helps children learn how to form letters, with the goal of making handwriting an easy and automatic skill for all students. Research has shown this program improves letter size, spacing, and overall legibility.

We help children develop kindergarten-level skills, without expecting mastery. Seven developmental scales are used to guide their progress:


Language & Literacy

Names all the letters of the alphabet, upper and lowercase; puts sounds together to make short words.



Use concrete materials to solve problems; develop an understanding of patterns, sorting and ordering, geometry, addition, subtraction, measuring, and graphing.


Nature and Science

Demonstrates an ability to relate to and understand the natural and physical world, through observation, description, prediction, and data gathering.


Social Studies

Learning more about yourself, your family, your community, and the wider world.


Creative Arts

Music, visual arts, movement, and drama are used to develop ideas and express feelings.


Physical Development and Health

The ability to use fine and gross motor skills to explore your environment, while learning to understand health and nutrition.


Critical Learning Skills

Maintain attention, follow routines, find different perspectives, follow complex directions, communicate effectively, and learn to self-regulate.

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