La Petite Academy
of Sandy, UT

2105 E. Alta Canyon Drive, Sandy, UT 84093

Mon. - Fri.: 06:30 AM - 06:30 PM

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What Families Are Saying About La Petite Academy  in Sandy, UT

What Families Are Saying

These are honest comments from actual families based on their firsthand experience with La Petite Academy. Want an even broader overview of the La Petite Academy experience? Visit independent websites like Google and Yelp, where many families share their thoughts on every aspect of La Petite Academy.

“Such a great place to take your kids. Both my kids have been going there ever since they were born. The staff is great and are always friendly when we walk in. They have a great management team there that runs a tight ship. Overall great place to take your kids and build friendships with the staff.”
Sandy, UT
“My children have gone to this La Petite since they were infants. They each have their favorite teacher who is practically like a second mother to them. My kids bring home results of their activities daily and always have a good time. The staff try and accommodate our needs while not stepping on other parents needs and rights. I have felt blessed to have such great people making sure my kids are cared for, educated and safe. Makes it easier to leave them when they are in such capable hands.”
Sandy, UT

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