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Discover Joy and Wonder

Your child will have a summer like no other, powered by their own imagination, creativity, and enthusiasm. The result? BIG FUN every day. Our Wonder Weeks feature activities and experiences that focus on a variety of themes.

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New adventures, hands-on activities, outdoor playtime, and more are on the schedule. Awesome camp guides are ready to keep children engaged and eager for more. They are experts in fun, as well as dedicated educators.

The full-day program is designed to appeal to three different age groups: Toddlers, Preschoolers, and School-Agers (up to age 12). All daily activities are fueled by healthy meals and snacks (that are also tasty). Get ready to discover one amazing summer where your child’s interests lead the way.

Every camper gets a stylish camp T-shirt when you sign up. Join us! 

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Discover the Joys of Wondercamp

A chance to see sights.

Field trips are offered for our older campers (up to age 12) to explore the community around them, while in-school visitors and events are designed to delight younger campers.

A weekly dose of wonder.

Creative endeavors, challenging projects, experiments in curiosity—there’s something for everyone at Wondercamp and opportunities each week to discover something new.

A safe environment.

Your peace of mind is important to us. Our school is always committed to strong safety and health protocols, so your child stays comfortable and happy throughout their time with us.

A healthy approach.

Let’s get moving! Outdoor playtime and physical activity keep kids energized, while healthy, delicious meals and snacks are available to ensure they stay active throughout the day.

An engaging app.

We’ve worked hard to design a digital experience that gives parents unprecedented access. Live streaming video, photos, updates, and more keep you connected to your child’s day, every day.

Locations Nationwide

We’d love to show you around and share even more. Find your neighborhood school to schedule a tour and secure your summer camp spot early. Now that’s peace of mind.