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our-approachOur educational approach is strongly inspired by STEM: science, technology, engineering, and math. The link between STEM and early childhood education is powerful, because young children are natural-born engineers and scientists. In the STEM approach, science, technology, engineering, and math are a part of everything we do in the classroom.

In STEM-inspired classrooms, science, technology, engineering, and math are integrated throughout. Materials and active experiences encourage children to become critical thinkers and problem-solvers. Content is learned through investigation, play, and focused intentional teaching.

These fields are deeply connected to the real world, representing skills and knowledge essential for children’s success in the future.

We also recognize that education is not a one-size-fits-all experience. As a result, our approach allows children to learn, play, grow, explore and discover at their own pace. This ensures a safe, encouraging environment that creates meaningful experiences for your child every day.

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Science, technology, engineering, and math are the building blocks of our curriculum, because they’re fundamentally a part of the way young children interact with the world.

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Highly trained, passionate teachers provide every child with personalized care and attention.

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