Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

Preschool boy coloring

Preschoolers love to explore through hands-on activities. And we’re pleased to offer that, with Kindergarten-readiness activities based on the best national early-childhood standards. As your child progresses on the School Readiness Pathway to Kindergarten and further education, preschool is an essential element of that journey.

Preschoolers require challenges, respond to motivation, and crave encouragement. To both engage and nurture your child, we provide a balance of freedom and instruction. The classroom is designed as a learning community, where your child not only builds skills vital to success in Kindergarten, but also gains respect for others, and a strong confidence in him or herself.

Throughout our safe learning environment, we offer activities to develop literacy, mathematical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity, focused on important foundational skills such as:

  • Pre-reading skills
  • Pre-writing, small muscle activities
  • Pre-math skills
  • Physical coordination skills
  • Social skills, such as focusing and collaborating.

We also focus on essential life skills such as communication and self-regulation. Plus, children are routinely encouraged to:

  • Take on challenges
  • Develop their own learning goals
  • See situations from different perspectives
  • Make connections with one another.

Regular updates, ongoing portfolio collections, and twice-yearly parent-teacher conferences ensure you know how your preschooler is progressing on their journey along our School Readiness Pathway.

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