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by Learning Care Group | June 23, 2011 | Kindergarten Readiness

Yes, Summer is here with you and your children enjoying long Summer evenings! Your older children are free of homework; your smaller ones have been staying up later, and playing outside more. It seems like Fall, with schoolbooks and camps ending, is far away. But is it? Some of you are starting to think about […]

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by Hollee Schwartz Temple | June 22, 2011 | Work/Life Balance

The first time someone described me as a work/life balance expert, I couldn’t stop laughing. Me? I said and snorted. The woman who just raised her voice to her darling 6-year-old son for dawdling on his way to bed. The one whose husband got frustrated because she had spent so many nights talking to strangers […]

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by Dr. Heather Wittenberg | June 13, 2011 | Early Education & Literacy

Summer’s here! Throughout the month of June, I’ll  have lots of ideas for how to boost your kids’ learning. But don’t worry! My tips are simple, inexpensive, and fun for the whole family – and guaranteed to help that little noggin grow. We’ll start out today with how to get your summer learning off to […]

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by Joan Lessen-Firestone, Ph.D. | June 9, 2011 | Early Education & Literacy

By Joan Firestone, Ph.D. Spring has finally made it to my neighborhood.  And while parents are busy getting out the tricycles and patio furniture, they are also contemplating the perennial question of what to do with the kids when the school year ends. It might well be that the best answer is to enroll them […]

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by Joan Lessen-Firestone, Ph.D. | June 2, 2011 | Safety and Security

By Joan Firestone, Ph.D. No parent wants their child to become a bully or the victim of a bully. But bullying continues to be a dominant safety issue in our schools and communities. It is, in fact, the most common form of violence in our society, and between 15 and 30 percent of public school […]

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