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Our Two-Year-Old Program is based on Whole Child Education. Classrooms are designed specifically for curious and energetic two-year olds with open shelves and easy-to-reach supplies. Every classroom also features six distinct interest centers. There's a storytelling center, a games center, a puzzles center, a sand and water center, and more. Listening to stories, singing songs, playing games and doing art projects are the best ways for two-year-olds to develop important language, cognitive, social and movement skills.

To help you monitor your child's progress, we provide details of everything your child does, each day.

For more information on our Two-Year-Old Program, schedule a tour.

As a single mother you were Madison's second family. Not only have you helped her grow, but you have a special and permanent place in my heart as well. It is hard to raise a child on your own, but I realized I never really was, you were all there for me as much as you were for her.

-Amanda Sullivan
St. Augustine, FL
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St. Augustine, FL Daycare

135 Nix Boat Yard Rd
St. Augustine, FL 32084

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